PTFE hose products

ATSB6 series

Ultra high pressure 6000 psi hose, constructed with an extruded smooth bore inner-core of carbon black static dissipative PTFE. ATSB6 has layers of spiral wrap between two layers of stainless steel 304 wire braid reinforcements which provide the pressure retaining capacity. This construction makes this hose the pinnacle in extremely high-pressure applications. This PTFE hose is suitable for impulse service as well! The post-sintered tube increases its density, reducing effusion in pneumatic applications.

ATSB6 series products


Extreme pressure 6000 PSI PTFE


Extreme high pressure 6000 PSI PTFE hose products

Part# Nominal Size I.D. (in) O.D. (in) Max Operating Pressure (room temp) (psi) Burst Pressure (room temp) (psi) Minimum Bend Radius Weight (lbs/ft)
ATSB6-4 1/4 .229 .495 6000 24000 3 .24
ATSB6-6 3/8 .300 .617 6000 24000 5 .40
ATSB6-8 1/2 .395 .738 6000 24000 5.75 .49

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