PTFE hose products

ATSB5 series

Ultra high pressure 5000 psi hose, constructed with an extruded smooth bore inner-core of carbon black static dissipative PTFE with a single stainless steel 304 wire braid reinforcement layer. The post-sintered tube increases its density, reducing effusion in pneumatic applications. The braid provides a protective layer and retains the pressure. This sturdy PTFE hose resists kinking and has a tight bend radius. The smooth bore improves flow rates. ATSB5 hose is highly durable and unlimited shelf life.

ATSB5 series products


Ultra high pressure 5000 PSI PTFE


Ultra high pressure 5000 PSI PTFE hose products

Part# Nominal Size I.D. (in) O.D. (in) Max Operating Pressure (room temp) (psi) Burst Pressure (room temp) (psi) Minimum Bend Radius Weight (lbs/ft)
ATSB5-10 5/8 .495 .730 5000 15000 3.25 .325
ATSB5-12 3/4 .617 .990 5000 15000 3.875 .660
ATSB5-16 1 .867 1.270 5000 15000 5.00 1.020
ATSB5-20 1-1/4 1.118 1.660 5000 15000 12.00 1.850
ATSB5-24 1-1/2 1.375 1.900 4000 12000 14.00 1.910
ATSB5-4 1/4 .222 .390 5000 15000 1.5 .100
ATSB5-6 3/8 .308 .490 5000 15000 2.5 .163
ATSB5-8 1/2 .401 .615 5000 15000 2.875 .232

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