Aerospace fittings

Aerospace fluid connectors

Aerocom Specialty Fittings have a proven history of solving fluid fitting problems within both the commercial and military aerospace industry. Our parts are supplied with manufacturers’ certifications and traceability of documents through our established AS9120 quality protocols. We offer the full range of unions, adapters, plugs, caps, tees, elbows, and crosses in materials such as stainless, steel, aluminum, brass, carbon steel, titanium and other precious metals.

Precision AN, AS, MS, NAS hydraulic fluid fittings manufactured as per Nadcap and AS9100D / ISO 9001:2015 approved include: flared, flareless, ANPT threaded pipe fittings, beam seal and hose tail tnsert.

Aerocom Specialty Fittings certifies that products requested, specified as and designated “DFARS Compliant” fully comply with Defence Federal Acquisitions Regulation Supplement (DFARS) Clause 252.225-7014, Preference for Domestic Specialty Metals, including Alternate Clause 1.

Aerospace fluid connectors products

AN6289, AS5179

Tube nut

AN783, AS1031, MS24388

Tee, AN, male flared x bulkhead on run, female branch

AN784, AS1032, MS24389

Tee, AN, flared female x bulkhead male run, male branch

AN804, AS1033, MS24390

Tee, AN, male x bulkhead on run

AN806, AS5168, MS24404

Plug, AN

AN807, AS5180

Adapter, AN male to hose

AN815, AS5174, MS24392

Union, AN male flared tube

AN816, AS5194

Adapter, AN male, flared x NPT

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