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From Aerospace to Petro-Chemical, Aerocom has market products and solutions for virtually every fitting and flexible piping application that can address the issues you care about; keeping machines running, streamlining your processes and keeping workers safe. We stock numerous types of adapters and hose fittings. We can manufacture PTFE, metal and SAE hose assemblies with a very rapid turn-around time. Your custom needs are our every day challenges !


Below is a sampling of the markets that we serve along with some of the products that we provide that are required in that market. Whether custom manufacturing or standard parts, we can provide you with the flexible piping solution that you require.


We can help with your equipment that flies!

Aerospace includes the fabrication, testing and maintenance of all aircraft, helicopters, and spacecrafts. There are numerous components involved in servicing, operating, and testing aircraft launching systems and ground support equipment. Are you looking for:

  • Ground support interconnect test fittings and adapters
  • Flexible hoses for connection to ground support equipment. 3000, 5000, 6000 PSIG
  • Aerospace fluid connectors, Nadcap certified AN, MS, AS, NAS
  • Aeronautical pitot-static test hoses and adapters. MIL-H-5593-LP-DTL


If your products carry oily, sticky or gummy products, we can help you keep them flowing!

Petro-Chemicals are products acquired from petroleum refining. Petro-Chemicals are essential for the reason that they are used to manufacture a large number of useful materials, such as: rubber, plastic, adhesives and resin. They are ingredients used in most industries. From packaging and films in the food and pharmaceutical industry to detergents and pesticides in the home and even agriculture. We can provide you with:

  • Stainless steel (SS316L) adapters & hose fittings
  • Custom manufactured PTFE/stainless steel hose assemblies
  • Flexible metal hose assemblies
  • Expansion joints of PTFE, metallic or rubber construction


If it boils and bubbles, we can help you reduce the sparks!

Most commonly used in a variety of products such as: aerospace parts, cans, foils, and kegs. This light weight malleable metal is very versatile. Not only being one of the world’s most plentiful metals. It has a long list of attributes like being rust proof, recyclable, heat resistant and is ductile. This industry requires very specialized fluid connectors that can with stand the extreme heat. We can provide:

  • Dielectric Hose Assemblies that are Custom manufactured specifically for Aluminum Smelter Pot
  • Room Applications requiring non-conductive electrical isolation
  • Industrial / Hydraulic / Pneumatic Flexible Piping and Interconnect Fluid Fittings

Oil & gas

If you need to cap and control the flow, Aerocom’s stainless steel fluid connectors will do the trick!

Oils and Gas plays a very influential role in our economy as the primary fuel source in the world. The extraction, transportation and refining support millions of jobs in North America and secures our energy security and sustainability. We can provide:

  • Stainless steel (SS316L) adapters & fittings. Also available in duplex and super duplex materials for higher corrosion resistance
  • Custom manufactured PTFE/ stainless steel hose assemblies. Medium and high pressure
  • Flexible metal hose assemblies, standard stainless steel and exotic alloys
  • Expansion joints of PTFE, metallic (including inconel 625) or rubber construction
  • Industrial / hydraulic / pneumatic flexible piping and interconnect fluid fittings

Cryogenic and compressed gas

If you have gasses flowing, Aerocom’s specialized fluid connectors can help you keep it all contained!

Compressed gas is a generic term used for describing, liquefied compressed gases, refrigerated liquefied gases (cryogenic gases) and dissolved gases. Common examples are Helium, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. These are commonly used in extreme cooling systems, recycling, pharmaceutical machines (MRI) and even for rockets. We can provide:

  • PTFE/SST gas pigtail hose assemblies, 3000, 5000, 6000 PSIG
  • All metallic, flexible metal gas pigtail hose assemblies of SS316L or monel and other materials
  • Custom manufactured SS316L threaded fittings & adapters
  • Truck and bulk transfer hoses of metallic, rubber and composite materials
  • In-house O2 cleaning and testing

Power generation

If you generate electricity, Aerocom’s specialized connectors can help you power up!

Playing a pivotal role in the Electricity and Energy sector, there are many types of power plants involving different technologies. These include steam turbines, hydroelectric turbines combustion engines, gas turbines, wind turbines, geothermal, nuclear, and even more. We can provide:

  • Flexible metal hose assemblies
  • Expansion joints of PTFE, metallic or rubber construction
  • Industrial / hydraulic / pneumatic flexible piping and interconnect fluid fittings

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