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What are conversion and GSE adapters ?

Ground Support Test Equipment Fittings

Have you ever needed to connect two parts together which have different threads?  What you needed was a conversion adapter (and maybe even a GSE Adapter).

Conversion adapters are available in all sorts of thread combinations for many different applications.  Some are very common while others are more difficult to find and may even have to be custom made for your application.  NPT threads to JIC threads (or to ORB threads) are all very common. Aerocom Specialty Fittings Inc has adapters in stock in many different sizes and combinations. Some people may use ‘interconnect adapters’ when talking about conversion adapters.

It is critical when discussing these with customers, or when ordering parts, to specify the following;

    • Geometry / Configuration
    • Size for each end (inside diameter, generally)
    • Orientation (male or female)
    • Threads for each end (NPT, JIC, BSPP, SAE/ORB, etc)
    • Material (Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Brass and many more)

And the supplier’s part number (if you have it) !

In some cases, it is important to know the application, the temperature and the pressure of the application to ensure that the requested material can withstand the application specifications.

Additional information about these elements can be found in our post “How do you describe an ADAPTER so that you get what you want ?”

GSE adapters

A special type of conversion adapters is those used with Ground Support Test Equipment (in the aeronautics field). These Ground Support Test Equipment adapters (or GSE Adapters for short) are used to connect hydraulic hose assemblies or fittings to the airplane’s specialized ports or to the testing/ground support equipment.  Generally, ports or fittings used in airplanes are AN, MS, NAS, AS, BS, EN threads which have very tight tolerances.  This then requires the connecting fittings to be very finely machined so that they do not damage those threads (this is especially important when discussing JIC vs AN threads, which are often considered interchangeable, but not necessarily in this case).

Aerocom’s GSE or Interconnect adapters (attached to hose assemblies as needed) can be used to connect any of the ground equipment used at airports to the ports on the airplanes.  The interconnect (or GSE or conversion) adapters are available in MS, AS, NAS, EN, BS threads on one end, with male or female NPT or flared 37º, swivel or straight/solid on the other end.

Aerocom’s GSE or interconnect adapters can be used with

  • hydraulic filler and pressurization units
  • hydraulic fluid purifiers
  • portable fluid dispensers
  • portable hydraulic testing units
  • flushing carts
  • and in many more applications.

Whatever the application requires, we can provide you with the adapters that will help everything flow smoothly.

If you have any questions about GSE adapters or any other fittings or hose assemblies, please reach out or visit our website at .


The Aerocom Team