Aerospace fittings

Aerospace adapters and GSE test fittings

Aerocom’s aerospace fittings and ground support interconnect adapters are precision machined to meet the various military, aerospace or other critical industry specifications and regulations. The AN/AS/MS/NAS standard fluid aircraft fittings for both the government and commercial aerospace industry are stocked in aluminium, stainless steel and steel materials. The documentation required under AS9120 is available upon request.

Looking to connect your hydraulic testing components, filler and pressurization units or other ground test equipment to the aircraft? Aerocom has custom ground test fittings, also known as GSE or interconnect adapters, hard to find beam seal fittings, test and flush, test port adapters, flareless fittings and standard SAEJ514 hydraulic adapters. They are all manufactured from SS316L material under our ISO9001 quality system with full traceability. The threads are machined and inspected to ensure that they conform to the aerospace standards required to properly connect with the aircraft or aircraft component. Aerocom is looking to become your primary GSE hose and adapter supplier.

Our advantage

With over 65 years of combined experience, we offer thorough technical support to resolve all of your fluid connector challenges
Rapid response from quoting all the way through to assembly, testing and shipping
Competitive pricing, we keep an eye on the markets so that you don’t have to!
ISO 9001 quality system with full traceability and product validation (documentation upon request)
AS9120 quality system full chain of customer documentation available for our aeronautical fittings upon request
Quality checks on all products prior to shipping so that you receive the parts that you need
Quick turn-around
Large inventory of conversion GSE adapters
We have the technical knowledge to support you in determining the best GSE adapters and PTFE hose assemblies for your application
If you have an AOG situation and need a quick solution, we are the team to get you flying again!

Aerospace fittings

Aerospace fluid connectors

Aerocom offers fluid connectors and adapters for the aerospace industry, both military and commercial, that address specific fluid connector challenges. Contact us for aerospace fittings standards: AN, AS, NAS, MS which conform to AS4841, AS4842, AS4842/1, AS4843/1, AS4843/2, AS4875, AS4875/1, AS4875/2 (as applicable). All documentation and certificates are controlled as per our AS9120 Quality System.

Aerospace interconnect test adapters

Aerocom conversion adapters conform to all aerospace standards and can connect to commercial SAE J514 threads. What’s more, various custom fittings with aerospace threads can connect to common JIC/NPT threads for easy interface to pressure hoses for testing and maintenance at the ground support level. As per our ISO 9001 quality system procedures, our conversion adapters (or GSE adapters) are precision manufactured from solid SS316L material respecting aerospace thread specifications to better protect existing airframe flight parts.

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