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What are conversion and GSE adapters ?

Have you ever needed to connect two parts together which have different threads?  What you needed was a conversion adapter (and maybe even a GSE Adapter). Conversion adapters are available in all sorts of thread combinations for many different applications.  Some are very common while others are more difficult [...]

Elbows and Tees terminology…. this is not a blog about anatomy or golf…

  Elbows and Tees are often required in hydraulic applications as well as many piping and tubing applications.  There are some words that are used to describe elbows and tees that may be a bit confusing.  So just as described in our previous post about adapter terminology, it is critical [...]

How do you describe an ADAPTER so that you get what you want ?

  If you are ordering adapters, it is probably for an application where you are trying to connect a hose to a machine, reducing flow, changing threads or connecting two hose assemblies together and you don’t quite have the right [...]

AS9120B – Congratulations !

Aerocom has now successfully completed our AS9120 External Audit ! And without any nonconformance reports being raised!   As a result, you can find us listed in the OASIS database for Aerospace Suppliers ! Look us up ! Our AS9120 quality system now [...]

Aerocom Specialty Fittings, a Montreal based specialist in pressure fittings & fluid connectors supports CAE for its CAE Air1™ ventilator

    Les Raccords Spécialisés Aérocom, un spécialiste montréalais de raccords de pression, connecteurs et boyaux soutient CAE pour son respirateur mécanique CAE Air1™  “ Aerocom est très fière des Canadiens et des entreprises locales qui ont dû faire des ajustements critiques afin de contenir la propagation de la COVID-19. Nous [...]