Aerocom Flexijoint PTFE Expansion Joints are designed to compensate for thermal changes, misalignment and isolate vibration in piping systems.

These high quality,North American manufactured Expansion Joints are constructed from uniform-walled isostatically-molded virgin PTFE and are available from sizes 1/2” to 42” in diameter with between 2 and 12 convolution configurations.

Aerocom’s Flexijoints :
-Uniform wall thickness and pure 100% PTFE Resin
-T-Bands which offer root and sidewall support, this unique design provides protection from over compression.
-LimitLinks which provide protection from over expansion of the convolutions.
-Limitlinks and T-Bands additionally provide easy installation, are pre-assembled, and the T-Bands physically provide protection from external damage from debris, sparks and other potential hazards.

Selection Guide
Use our selection guide table to determine exactly what you need !

Just look up the size of the pipes as well as the normal length and travel distances and you will easily be able to select the correct expansion joint.

Angular and Lateral misalignment are covered as well.


Aerocom offers many different PTFE Expansion joint styles and options.

Please contact us and allow our application engineers to assist you in choosing the best design for your challenging applications.

The Process

Get a better understanding of the FLEXIJOINT process and understand why you are making the right choice. See the importance of PURE PTFE and fluoro forming in order to achieve a very long Flex-Life !